April 26, 2017


Why Your Wedding Details Matter


What is the first thing you did when you started thinking about getting married? Did you hop onto wedding blogs for inspiration? Did you take Pinterest by storm, pinning every gorgeous idea that popped up? I know I did. And it’s a great starting point! Until you’ve pinned so many things, you can’t even remember what you wanted in the first place. Everyone else’s ideas are way better than yours were anyway, right? That’s where you’re wrong! Honestly, the amount of inspiration out there can be overwhelming and, at first glance, it may seem like just a bunch of “stuff.” But I’m here to tell you – details matter. They matter to your story and they matter in your photographs. But what matters most is that they add personality to your love story!!

A stranger may look at my wedding photos and see a bouquet of trendy coral charm peonies. I see a bouquet of big, bright flowers that remind me of southern California and sunshine with their cheery yellow centers. I hoped our wedding day would be playful, summery, and romantic, so coral charm peonies were my perfect match. When I look back through our wedding album, those flowers help capture the mood of the day! Your wedding details are what is going to make your wedding feel personal.

Think about it. If you read a book with no description of the setting or scenery, would you be able to put yourself in that moment with the characters? If you had a wedding album full of photos of people, there’s nothing to really bring the story to life. Pretend there were no details. Envision a wedding ceremony with no altar, no chairs, and no flowers. The photos would show a couple surrounded by their loved ones, and it would show their emotions in the moment, but it wouldn’t capture their personalities or the essence of their relationship! It wouldn’t capture the mood of the day.

Take the venue and invitation design for example. Which venue and invitation you pick tell your guests what kind of wedding to expect. Will it be in your hometown or will it be destination? Will the wedding be outdoors surrounded by wild, overgrown gardens or in a urban warehouse somewhere? What is the color palette? What should your guests wear?

Your dress and bridal accessories show off your sense of style. You might choose something classic and timeless. But, if you’re really into fashion, maybe you’d like something more trendy or unique. If you’re laid-back like me, you might choose something light and easy to move in.

I could go on and on, but I have just one final thought to throw out there! Not only will your details bring out personality and set the mood for your big day, they’ll also give your story depth in your wedding album. If your album is filled with incredible moments piled up next to each other, none of the moments will feel extraordinary. The photos will end up distracting from each other instead of accenting them. However, pairing an incredible moment with a gorgeous detail will make each moment and detail stand out!

As a wedding photographer, I want you to always remember the relationship you had when you were young and in love! I want you to remember the people you were and the things in life that brought you happiness. I want you to always look at your photos and know that this forever love is extraordinary. Pick wedding details that will remind you!


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