February 9, 2018


Baby Bumpdate: 24 Weeks Pregnant


It’s been quite a few weeks now since we announced our little nugget is on the way, so I thought it might be a good time to check back in with a little update! It’s been such a busy time for us because we FINALLY moved into our house in late December (which we closed on way back in October), however, we’re still finishing up our long list of to-dos as we have time. Most of our rooms still don’t have curtains and the doors are still off the hinges.

Right now I am 24 weeks pregnant and, according to my handy dandy pregnancy app, our little babe is the size of a puffin (pictured below from our trip to Iceland)!

Baby is the size of a puffin at 24 weeks pregnant!

It’s hard to believe how fast the weeks have flown by and how fast baby is growing! Here are some things that have been going on with us since our announcement and first trimester update –

What I’ve been feeling:
– I’ve been feeling great, for the most part! I’ve had much more energy since early December and my brain hasn’t felt as jumbled!
– Baby Anderson has been moving around like CRAZY; I love this feeling and I think it’s definitely my favorite part of pregnancy! Nathan has even been able to feel it a few times!
– I’ve had indigestion and heartburn here and there
– I’ve had a couple minor headaches and one major migraine on Black Friday
– There’s been some slight nausea that’s worn off in the latter half of this trimester (it almost always happened when I was hungry around dinnertime and making a long drive home across the mountain)

What I’ve been craving:
– Root beer / root beer floats
– Vanilla bean ice cream
– All the seafood!
– Cheese
– I don’t know if I’d call it a craving but I’ve been eating Trader Joe’s cookie butter on pancakes and in my oatmeal and I’m addicted!

What I’m missing:
– Drinking all the coffee and espresso I want
– Sleeping on my stomach
– Having more clothing options (I haven’t fully committed to buying a bunch of new things to fit over my belly so I feel like I’m wearing the same things every week)
– Margaritas
– Changing my hair color whenever I want

Big appointments we’ve had:
– We had our exciting 20 week anatomy ultrasound
– The doctor said the ureter is developing a little thicker than it should be, but we will keep an eye on it and have another ultrasound at 30 weeks to see because many times the problem works itself out (we would love any prayers and good vibes sent our babe’s way!)
– Everything else looked normal and healthy!! Hooray!
– We waited a little over 24 hours after the ultrasound to find out the sex
– We threw a gender reveal party with our families the day after our ultrasound! No one knew the sex ahead of time because the gender envelope from the ultrasound tech was stuffed directly into a piñata, which we broke open to get our answer!

And we found out our little nugget is a BOY!!!

We are so excited to meet him!!

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