Hi there! My name is Brianne Anderson and I am the photographer behind Sparklelight Studios. I am a bubbly free spirit, an optimist, a victim of wanderlust, and a summertime addict. I'm all about chasing sunshine, adrenaline rushes, and places I've never been. Right now you’ll find me in Virginia, enjoying life with my husband, Nathan, and my pup, Palmer. I find that I crave a life full of laughter and new experiences. Because of that, my heart and passion is in taking time to enjoy every day and moment, no matter how little. For instance, I love soaking up those gorgeous days when the sun is pouring down and it’s still 85 degrees at 7pm – the kind of day that makes you want to open all the windows in your car and blast your music all the way home. I think you’ve gotta take advantage of those good vibes every chance you get!



checking things off my

bucket list

Cage dive with great white sharks in Cape Town, South Africa

no. 1

no. 2

Go SCUBA diving in the Great Barrier Reef

no. 3

Cliff jump into the sea from the coast of Santorini, Greece

no. 4

Watch the Northern Lights glow across the sky in Norway

no. 5

Be an extra on a TV show or in a big-time movie

(America's Got Talent)

Take a romantic trip up in a hot air balloon at sunrise

no. 6

Go skydiving anywhere with a phenomenal view

no. 7

Learn how to surf like a pro (but I'd settle for being average)

no. 8

Watch lava flowing from a volcano in real life

no. 9

(Big Island, Hawai'i)

Climb down into the cracks of Antelope Canyon in Arizona

no. 10

checking off my

bucket list


FAVORITE moments


Walking 11 miles across the lava field to see the active lava flow into the ocean in Hawai'i


Taking my first beginner surf lessons off the coast of Southern California

pink sunsets

Flipping upside down as I ziplined down a mountain in Big Sky, Montana


Watching my Mammaw down a shot of complimentary limoncello in Cinque Terre, Italy

beach days

Jumping from the tops of waterfalls into turquoise water with Nathan at the Blue Hole in Jamaica

fresh flowers

Walking through a stream into a cave to find the magical Gljufurarfoss waterfall in Iceland

midnight swims

Riding a water taxi through the canals of Venice out to the island of Murano

road trips

My clumsy self trying to learn how to salsa dance from the locals in Havana, Cuba

football games

Cheering for my William & Mary Tribe in 2009 when they beat UVA 26-14 at Scott Stadium


Kayaking into the sea caves with sea lions only feet away in La Jolla

live music

Helping my mom win tickets from the radio station to go see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

My goal is to give my clients an unforgettable experience and photos that are full of life and color. I want my couples to feel giddy and carefree in front of my camera. To me, life is all about the journey and the adventure, so everything leading up to your wedding day should be no different. I want to capture the fun, the excitement, and the romance of your big day so every photograph takes you right back to this moment. Because there is nothing better than the incredible memories made with friends, family, and the love of your life.

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